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Wednesday, October 7

I Survived Body Bike/RPM 44 @ Uptown

Finally it's the night that I'm waiting for, the last release for LM which I had yet to join, RPM 44. As usual I arrived early to get a bike. Surprisingly class isn't full tonight. 3 more bikes left at the back of the class. QQ was team teaching with LC tonight. She's gonna start the first 6 tracks while LC gonna take it home from there with additional two old tracks (RPM Challenge). So let's go down to business then. Warm up was nice and simple but the music was a bit too soft for the first 5 tracks so I couldn't really felt it. Pink's Sober was a quick pace to start Track 2. Sweats dripping down from forehead after the track. Show Me Heaven was what I am waiting for but it didn't really deliver as the music was too soft.

Track 4 by The Cranials really works on the legs. We have this new move during racing where we need to shift our butt to the front of the seat by an inch or two. By doing this, we can paddle more faster but has the tendency to bounce so you need to control the resistance and core during the period. But since I had been doing this move all the while, so not that much of a problem for me. How Far We've Come by by Matchbox Twenty was really nice. Fun and tough at the same time. Need I remind you that Track 6 was so darn tiring with 4 sets of racing and aero racing. We're doing Children & Summer Rain after that which is such a killer selection by LC. Final track would be Scooter's Jump The Rock. Nice and effective is what I had to said.

So how was the whole release? I can still accept it. And can still do it for two more weeks I guess. Need to try it again with the music pumped up. So how do I rate the 4 LM programs that I had done. Now let's see, first place would have to be Body Step. Yes, surprisingly true. Music and moves are so nice to do. Second place would be Body Pump as I like the music most of all. RPM coming in third and last is Body Combat. Yes, sad but true. Where has the fire gone to?

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