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Tuesday, October 6

I Survived Body Combat 41 @ Wisma Consplant

Finally decided to get myself a wireless USB for my desktop. Life seemed so empty and lost at night without internet connection. Don't get me wrong, my brother has like 2 iMac & MacBook Pro each next door to use but it's still best to use my own desktop to online. So ho was class tonight? Since it's my first day of work after my food poison episode last weekend, it's also my first work out this week. Recommended to take it easy for the first few classes? Heck no!! I need the work out.

Started with the new release of Body Step by Brian. Yes, finally got the moves for the party track, Just Dance. Legs was a bit weak during track 5 but managed to finished the whole class as usual. Damn! It's Sue's Body Pump class afterward. OK, decided to go soft on my Squats track by carrying 10kgs. OK, it was getting easy doing the Squats now. lolx!! And someone is agreeing with me on this too. Chest is not that hard as I mentioned. Maybe it's due to the fact that I like the whole song.

So how was Body Combat 41? For one it's confusing at some stage and a bit short with some tracks and not that uplifting as compared to the previous releases. Warm up was alright with the Chicken Little song for the upper body and Kelly Clarkson for the bottom half. Track 2 was surprisingly short for me. Remember, the theme for this release is Backyard Brawl. So they are bringing back the double jab into the tracks. We have double jab upper and double jab hook too. Track 3 was quite long as usual with the double jab and upper or is it hook? When you see me forgetting the chorey, it could only mean one thing, no I am not old, but cause it's not that spectacular maybe. Track 4 was so darn long and confusing. Got the new move call push xxx xxx thingy. Basically it's just a push plus a front kick. And lots of that too.

Track 5 was really short but non stop running and hook with jabs. So  confusing. So tired at this point. lolx! Track 6 as mentioned earlier is something similar to Shut Up & Drive with the kick Katta. This time we have side kick to the front, front knee, back kick and front knee again. Track 7 was supposed to be Muay Tai but it's getting more and more like a boxing track with lots of jab cross. But they still preserved the cross elbow and downward punch. Lots of knees too. Track 8 by Cascada was the highlight of the release for me tonight. Still can't top What Hurts The Most but it's alright. Conditioning was fun as it was Right Round again by Flo Rida. Circular push ups and C crunch is back. Damn, still got 3 more weeks to go.

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