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Saturday, October 17


There is not much Hollywood block busters around these month of the year but luckily there is still one which catches my attention. Surrogates by Bruce Willis. I had mixed feedback for the movie but mostly are positive. But lesson learn that I need to actually watch the movie myself to judge it for myself (most of the time). So this is one of them. I had always like Bruce Willis in all his previous movies and Die Hard 3 being last one I watched. So I am going in with not that high expectation as usual as I know this movie emphasize more on the idea or message that the story need to send to us rather than all action kick arse no bull shit kind of movie.

The story starts by telling us how our technology evolve from using our mind to control machines for medical purposes and then towards warfare. But as time goes by, 17 years that is, the creator of the surrogate, Dr Canton had mass produced these surrogates to consumers so that we can live our life outside but still in the comfort of our own house. You will not get hurt, get ill, lower crime rates and also war. But a small people lead by a messiah who called himself The Prophet are against the idea of living your life by using this surrogates.  Story starts when a young chap got fried (yes, he practically got fried) by someone. But the problem arise when the real person hook onto the surrogate really died at home. So it's up to Tom Greer played by Bruce Willis to uncover the whole sinister plot of the man behind the assasination.

The story is very real and it's happening as we speaks. I mean scientist around the world had been doing research on how to replace human parts one by one as we humans are so fragile. So it is possible one day that we can be replace by these surrogates and we can live peacefully and safely at home. I love the idea of not living the home and sending my surrogates out but at the end of the day, we do need human touch and love. So this is what the story is trying to tell us or what I feel and understand at least. So watch this movie and try to see what you get from it. Definitely worth my RM11 watching it. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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