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Tuesday, November 17

Body Step 78 Sizzler + Track List

I had actually saw some part of the warm up of the new release and I totally love it. I think my passion of LM GX programs varies through out every launch. I am so into Body Step mood this time. And here is what the new Body Step 78 is all about.

Get ready to lift the energy to new heights with the athletic BODYSTEP® 78! You will also get the chance to strike some fabulous poses, get funky with the dance flava and, of course, work on your endurance. Stay low and check your posture to Sneaky Sound System’s Pictures in Track 2. You’ll stick with the photo-shoot theme in Track 3, striking poses to Girls On Film while starting to build up the intensity with strong Over The Tops. Turn it up in Track 4! Your heart rate will climb high with the Power Knee Lifts. Look out for new move the Quarter-Turn Curl Combo.

Add some attitude to the lower-body workout in Track 5. MadLab sums it up well with Wiggle It. Let it rip Across The Top in Track 6! You’ll reach your second cardio peak in this athletic track while singing along to She Is Beautiful.

Use Track 7 as a cardio recovery while sculpting your lower body. You’ll feel like you are walking a tightrope with the Lunges and Knee Lifts to Britney Spears’ Circus. Bring on the Party Step Track! It’s your turn to shine and ‘dance with the stars’. Feel the rhythm and get into it with Mambo Cha-Chas and powerful Propulsive Hamstring Curls.

Every little thing about Track 9 is magic! This is the Speed Step Track so lift your knees up and run like an athlete on the sprint track. If it’s possible, reach even higher in Track 10! Rock out with Knee Repeaters and new move the 3 Knee Rocker before working on your leg strength in Track 11 with 1-Legged Squats and the Tree Pose.

And here is the tracklist for the new release. Enjoy~!

1. Right Round – TeTet Technologik
2. Pictures (Tonite Only Remix) – Sneaky Sound System
3. Girls On Film – Steady Rush
4. Like It Loud – Gabby Schmitt
5. Wiggle It – MadLab
6. She Is Beautiful – OneZeroOne
7. Circus (Junior Vasquez Club Circus) – Britney Spears
8. I Just Want To Dance – Dana deWit
9. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic – Brendan Soward
10. Let It Rock – W.L.E.M feat. PI Joe
11. Be Without You – DJ Pierce
12. Someday – Mike Stone2. Mixed Impact Track: Release Me – Agnes

Yes, Right Round is back and the moves are so cool during the warm up.

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