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Tuesday, November 3

FF-TC Screwed My Time Table

My Monday class had been on and off recently due to my hectic schedule dinners. So I was at the gym waiting for Riyo's 5.30pm class as usual and were inside getting ready to start but we realized that there were still a lot of people sitting outside. What's up? We found out that the time had been changed to 5.45pm which is 15 minutes later. All the classes after that (BJ, BC and BP) had also been affected. Well I guess it's alright since all the clubs earliest class starts at 5.45pm too. 5.30pm is a bit too early for some people. After the class I quickly ran down to sign up for RPM class. Hey! where's the paper? Walk over to the studio and it's already PACK! Fark! Look at the time table and the time still remain as 6.30pm. WTH??!!! I thought they gonna change the whole schedule to 15 minutes later for all the classes. I didn't even finished Body Step and it's a 45 minutes class so I am walking down to the RPM studio around 6.20 or so and it's all FULL!!!

So what did I do? Sat down and have a coffee with Master C while waiting for his class to start. FF-TC totally screwed up my routine this time. What other solution do I have? Well, I can skip the party track and ran down to register for one. Or I can ask someone to register for me if they didn't join Body Step with me. Sigh! Finally joined Master C class and try to work out as much as possible from the tracks that I had selected. Haha! Gonna do the same track again for Master T class tonight. So for those whose there yesterday night, Major Deja Vu~!

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