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Tuesday, November 3

Droid, iPhone Killer?

I think by now most of you techno freaks out there would have heard of the new Motorola Droid phone. Their tagline is, "Everything iDon't, Droid Does". Actually  the competition was started by Verizon against iPhone but it's rather strange as they should attack AT&T rather than iPhone. Anyway, is this new smartphone gonna be the next iPhone killer? Well let's see what they had got to offer. They have a better quality of camera, it support widgets, touch keyboard and able to multitask (able to open multiple apps). Well I read on an article and what they said is true. Apple had been in the smartphone market for so long and they had already established a very solid foundation with Apple's worshipers around the world. I don't think that they can challenge Apple in anyway but might make Apple work harder on newer features but to kill iPhone? I don't think so.

For one, Apple has so many apps in their Apps Store and not to mentioned if you had JB your iPod or iPhone, you can do all those mentioned above, well maybe except t he keyboard but you can always plug in an external keyboard if you want. So I think Droid is competing with the other smartphones around i.e Pre, Windows Mobile or even Blackberry it seem. Multitask, widgets, keyboard and better camera quality, from the readers response, Apple users doesn't really care bout this stuff. But rather appealing to those using other smartphone based OS like Windows Mobile or even Blackberry. So if you ask me if Droid gonna be an iPhone killer? Well let's just say that an iPhone can only be 'kill' by newer version of an iPhone.

2 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha... A true apple supporter!
I can't say I disagree.. Gonna love that baby :)

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Yeah baby ~ Apple Forever~! Like I mentioned, you can only kill off an Apple product with a new version of another Apple product only. hahahaha!

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