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Tuesday, November 10

I Sprain My Ankle AGAIN!!!

Was getting ready for Riyo's Body Step as usual last night and noticed that June K was joining the class at the back. Riyo choose some old tracks for the warm up and during the warm up, Track 2, as I was stepping my right leg down to the floor, I felt a twist on my ankle and I quick stop what I was doing. Fark~ I twisted my ankle. Check on my ankle and there wasn't any swelling yet, so I had tried to continued with the class until Track 6, as it was the over the board move. I don't think that my ankle can take that impact. Walked down and decided to give RPM a go. A bit pain during the standing climb hence I reduced the resistance a bit. Managed to finished the class and was supposed to sit Body Combat off but decided to give it a try too. Since Master C said that there wasn't much shuffle or leg move in the tracks selection. Damn, we did Summer Melody with lots of shuffle and jigga too. After Track 4, I decided to stop as the next track was Hymn. How can I decoy and shuffle that much? Applied some ointment on my ankle once I reached home and hope that it will be better today as I wanted to join my usual class. Fingers cross~

4 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

sprain already then faster rest lah, still go to join other class.. later more worst u only know.

June K only wor, also make you high and injured...lolz

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Sorry la. Nothing to high about. The floor was still slippery cause they were drying the mats before the class maybe.

TTB said...

i tot you looked okay walking in just now, so i guess you have recovered?!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

I did BS, BP and RPM yday night, so I take that I am really OK today. lolx~ :P

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