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Friday, November 20

I Survived Easy Moves

It was my first class of the new Easy Moves program. Well actually I watched a few times of the class and I was thinking to myself, "This is not hard, this is like doing Body Step without the board". Intensity isn't that high but heck, the musics are great. So after RPM class yesterday night, BQ decided to have a try of the class and I decided to joined in too. Started off with some simple warm up to some really nice music. It's similar to Step class as it's non stop most of the time and you will need to learn the combo from one stage to the other. There were at least 4 -5 combo all together for last night's class. I had joined Steven's Step class before and I know I this would be a good chance to try out the new program with him instructing. The moves isn't that hard to follow if you are either Body Stepper or Body Attacker 'kaki'. As the combo built up to the last one, I am all hyped as I am getting the hang of it and was really enjoying myself. Sweat a lot and enjoyed myself that night. So will I continue to join this class every Thursday night? Another step class? OMG~! And I was thinking of dropping some classes as my ankle is giving me some signals lately. Well we will see how it goes.

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Aleximon said...

good try ! hehe

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