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Friday, November 20

Google Phone?

Rumor had started to float around the net that Google is coming out with their own phone soon. If you all remembered, there are rumor back at 2007 that GPhone gonna be out at that time, but the rumor was brushed off by them eventually. People from TechCrunch strongly believe and confidence from the news that they had (somewhere) that Google is gonna launch their new phone really soon and get this, it's complete with Google branding. From what they heard, the phone would be Android based and manufactured by Korean phone maker, most probably LG. So you can expect the outlook to be really stylish and cool from them. The phone should be branded as Google as well.

TechCrunch also reported that the phone would be a data ONLY device and VoIP enable. In other words, all voice call will be routed over data services. Since the phone is integrated with Google Voice, all the contacts will be provided by Google itself. So what will this new device impact on the current iPhone market? Google had an advantage of open source whereas Apple lost out on their super strict policies on Apps developers. This might not be a competitor that Apple could just brush off like the other Palm Pre or even Android. Since Google planned to run on a data only service utilizing VoIP, this means that carrier would be greatly effected as they can bypass the lucrative voice call charges by using data lines for overseas calls.

But all of this are just rumors and we are not sure how true is it. But as mentioned, TechCrunch are strongly confident of this report. So we will just have to wait and see how it goes then.

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