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Thursday, November 5

Pointless Jam

I had just confirmed today that if I leave my place (Kinrara) after 8am and 7.30am, I will reached my office the same time which is around 8.35am. My normal routine would be leaving my place at 8am every morning and there will not be any jam along Jalan Puchong. There will be some minor jam when I turn into Jalan Klang Lama as there are many cars coming down from Jalan Kuchai Lama. After that, I will be continuing my route to Federal Highway and up Kerinchi Link and reached my office.

Since I need to reached my office before 8.30am this morning, I had decided to leave my house at 7.35am. Fark~! There were already jam building up from Jalan Puchong after the overhead bridge (across KESAS). I was like, WTF??!!! Stuck in the jam for 20 minutes before reaching Jalan Klang Lama. And the crawl continued all the way till Federal Highway. It was already 8.20am when I reached Kerinchi and I speed all the way to my office and reached at 8.35am. Speechless~~~!!! And I got an appointment at Batu 11, Balakong tomorrow morning at 9am. So what time do I need to leave my house??

3 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

try 630am.

Aleximon said...

6am, i give u morning call !!!!

Baby Octopus said...

I woke up at 7.20 n leave around 7.40 n I reached at 8.10am. Haha!!! No jam at all. All the way highway. Just finish my breakfast now waiting for the customer.

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