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Monday, November 23

You Nak I Potong?

I think by now everyone had already heard of the controversial 'potong' ad by P1. And TM too had counter back with their own ad and the fight kept on growing day by day. But I am not talking bout this 'potong' ad today but rather sharing a story which happened to my colleague today with TM. My colleague received a call from TM personnel (last weekend) asking him bout his address as they are coming to install the phone line. But the problem is, my friend's phone line had already been in usage for 2 weeks. WTF??? So he called up TM and guess what brilliant excuse that they gave?

"Sir! We had made a mistake on your phone line. The number that you are using are supposedly registered by another company. So we need to cancel off your current number and we will get back to you with a new number"

WTF!!!! My colleague had already used the number for 2 weeks and now only they told him this? According to the guy from TM, the number was registered around the same time with my friend and they accidentally registered the same number for my friend and the company. If I were my friend, I would just ask the fella to fark off and this is none of my farking problem as I had already used the number for 2 weeks. The company had just wanted to install the phone line last week and they had the gut to say that the company had registered for more than 2 weeks?? My friend gave in and they informed my friend that they need 3 weeks to get him a new number. HAHAHA!!!! Super funny!!! You Nak I Potong ar????

2 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

i think your friend didnt paid for that number......

BaBy OcTopUs said...

what don't paid la? he already used for 2 weeks!!! paid no paid, i dun care la.

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