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Monday, December 14

FF-TC Platinum Upgrade

Finally after two weeks of absent in FF The Curve, both the studios (main & RPM) are ready for class. Double confirmed with the front desk before going to the locker and checking out the time table. Except RPM, there's no time table or board showing the schedule. The pantry is like a maze as we need to walk to the end and there is a small small place where 5 tables are set over the corner. Part of the waiting lounge is still under renovation. First class was Riyo's Body Step class. Noticed that they laid a new wooden flooring for the main studio. Repainted the ceiling or rather ducting of the AHU. The stage is still under renovation and there was no spotlight on the stage, so it's a bit dim during her class and Master C's Body Combat. But I noticed that K-Bear really blend in with the background with her new tan. LOLX!!!

Managed to joined Herny's RPM class tonight as it wasn't a full house. The class is more brighter now. They installed plaster ceiling with box in light (red, blue & green). But you can't really control the amount of lighting of each color, it's either all red or blue or green which is a bit dumb. No air condition yet, so we're practically doing Hot RPM tonight. Just placed a standing fan in front of the whole class. Clever chap~ Some said it looked smaller but it's more spacious to me since there are still space for more bikes. Talking bout the bikes, I thought it would be new. Damn I was wrong. It may look new but heck, it's just being clean up and polish. Maybe put some oil or lubricant and touch up here and there but the bike I am on tonight still suck!! Heard that they are gonna change it next year? Supposedly~!!! Anyway, no changes in the locker room for now. No new toiletries or sort for the members. So what's the upgrade again???

6 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

seriously, the place they need to upgrade is the TOILET especially the shitting cubicles. Summit FF is a ghost town and has THREE cubicles, TC is fucked with all sort of people and only TWO stinky shit holes!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

i reckon you're a guy and talking bout the gents toilet right? Ya, they should upgrade the quantity of the toilet. I mean for such a high end club, they fark up the toilet. sigh~!

Anonymous said...

nope I am a lady, i sneaked into that male toilet once to give my boyfriend a blow job.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

omg~! ur back already?

TTB said...

hmmm... I was missing from gym for a while, which I tot wasn't THAT long, but yesterday morning I went into FF TC and I was surprised to see what was going on! The RMP studio looks less stuffy, from the look from outside lah, maybe becuz when i looked at it that time it was in blue lighting, so looked cool haha... Since i went into gym in the morning, so didnt' meet anyone familiar to ask - What's going on? What are they planning to do?

BaBy OcTopUs said...

I think it's the color as you mentioned, peaceful and looks more spacious to me. :)

What's their plan? Try to pass as Platinum when they only did some touch up here and there and some fresh paint. sigh~

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