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Tuesday, December 1

FF TC Under Renovation

I was planning for my Monday workout when I was chatting with an instructor when she told me that RPM class had to be canceled last night. Reason was the RPM studio is being renovated inline with the Platinum upgrade at the end of Dec 09. Damn~ There goes my RPM class. The main studio will be next starting from this Wednesday if I am not mistaken. I was doing my Body Step class half way when we all smell some foul scent coming into the studio. Damn I was grasping for some fresh air during the power track. Imagining breathing heavily but enable to get sufficient air. Like a gold-fish grasping for air outside the aquarium. Anyway, I think it is something to do with the sewerage as mentioned by an instructor but to me it's like pesticide. Anyway, hopefully it will all be done by next week. Talking bout next week, since the main studio is close, so no class for me either. Might be going back to WC for some RPM classes then.

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