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Wednesday, December 2

Platinum Club WOR!!

I was contemplating whether to joined yesterday night's Body Step class by Prudent or not. As mentioned earlier, he had took over Brian's class (which the latter had held for more than 5 years or so). Wasn't really happy bout it and so is the other members from the chat we had. So I took my time taking a bath, sipping on my coffee and reading the paper as usual as the others rush in to place their boards. I realized that I didn't saw his name on the board and decided to asked the front desk and they inform me it's his class. Well anyway, I will try out the class and see how it goes. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and still no sight of him. Others were getting agitated with some being really pissed as they purposely rush all the way from work for the class. Am I mad? Well to be honest, not really but rather disappointed as they didn't announce or inform the members earlier. A PT instructor thought of doing a body weight class to fill the time but sadly no one was interested until Sue P arrived and was informed of the situation. 

Initial plan was for her to do some warm up tracks from Body Vive but ding dong here and there, it's time for her class and we all continued with it. After the class, I'd decided to joined Brian's RPM as Master T wasn't around town. Chong was replacing his class as WRITTEN on the board (this time). 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and still no sight or announcement from the front desk again. Members were again frustrated as I am cycling in the studio. I am not sure if other instructor replaced the class as Body Jam class or not during that time but I did saw them walking in and out at the end of the class. Anyway, was I surprised? NO! Was I pissed? NO! Am I disappointed? Heck, I am getting used of it already by now. But I heard a lot of the members gonna complaint to the front desk though. Good luck on that for some feedback if they are wishing for. And they just upgraded the status Platinum. haha! But don't get me wrong, the staff are nice and friendly maybe just the management issue or communication (as always).

3 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

ai yor...management issue lah, 2 of the instructors all oversea, sure they told gxm lah.....

btw, u very free hor, can take a bath b4 class then " tam kopi" ....walao

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Prudent is not oversea, he's teaching tonight at Axis I think. Chong, I don't think he's oversea also lor. I think they are able to call him yesterday also.

Yup, my normal routine at WC, take a bath, change and minum kopi and read The Star paper. lolx!!!

Aleximon said...

Prudent at Singapore lah....just this Chong, im no idea who is that !!!

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