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Saturday, December 26

I Felt Privilege

After close to 3 years of holding the 1Utama's One Card, I finally felt 'Privilege' yesterday. Let me explain. I was driving over to 1U for movie yesterday around 2pm and decided to take the back road from Damansara Intan into the parking lot. Damn it was blocked off and cars were diverted to the open space parking. But I drove on and saw a lot of cars being told to u-turn from the other direction (main road). But there were a some cars which were permitted to drive through to the parking lot and signboard that read, ONLY FOR ONE CARD. I quickly flashed my One Card and the guard pushed over the barricade and let me through while dozens of cars making a u-turn and not permitted to pass. It was a smooth journey from there on. Even when I reached the parking lot there wasn't much cars in there. This is because the car park was full and they only permit the ONE CARD holder to enter. This is what I called Privilege. Drove into the privilege parking and straight away found a parking. I am not sure if this is the normal routine that they have when the place is packed but never did I see they block the road from the traffic light section. Damn it was good not needed to race with others at the parking lot. And finally I felt it's worth it paying the extra RM1 for the parking. Kudos to the management.

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