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Wednesday, December 9

iPhone Alarm Clock Dock

Recently I had been searching around for an alarm clock dock for my iPhone. Been to Low Yat, Digital Mall, PC Fair, Pyramid and well you name it, I am there. Saw a few units from Edifier and Altec at PC Fair but it was too pricey. I mean RM1K+ for an alarm clock? Not to say it's over priced and all but since it's a branded speaker so maybe it's worth something to those who know how to appreciate it. Anyway, I saw the above unit and it looked very simple and nice to operate with acceptable sound system. This is the only unit I found below RM250. Will most probably be getting this one if I can't find any other which I like.

Saw this unit from TDK called iCubic which has a better sound quality compared with the above Memorex. But then again, the LCD is a bit too small for me to read and I don't like the white color outlook as it will looked very dirty after awhile with all the dusk all over it. As this unit come with a built in woofer so the quality is better. Size is moderate and not too large. But the buttons seemed too plastic to me and a bit fragile. The price for this speaker is the same as the previous unit. But I prefer the first as it looked more elegant.

Actually I wanted to get this unit but it's too pricey again for me. It's called iHome and the sound quality is better. LED is large and clear which I like too. For this baby I need to fork out RM549. Just for a night stand alarm clock? Well, not for me. And most important for all the alarm clock above, it must be able to charge my iPhone in the process. I mean no point docking on it for music without charging it. Not all dock support iPhone so you need to test it out with the actual unit and see for yourself. Cause most of them are made for iPod Classic or Nano and some for Touch only. But the new ones should be compatible with all.

This unit isn't too bad either. It's called Moondance Home by Altec. Tested this baby out at Harvey Norman last night at Sunway. Sound quality is what you would expect from Altec, solid and transparent.  The unit also come with a remote control for you to play around with the music, FM channel and other usual stuff that you would find on a normal radio remote. This baby will cost me around RM475, so called PC Fair price.

Saw this baby during PC Fair by Edifier. Damn the speaker is large. I heard that it contain 6 speakers inside that large black piece of speaker at the back. This baby can really blast you back to the future from the size of that speaker. I think my iPhone will get damage from the sound vibration of the speaker after a period of time *kidding*. Anyway, the baby cost close to RM1,000. Worth it?

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