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Wednesday, December 9

Lost My Mood

It was Monday and I can't decide which gym to go to when finally I saw the time table at WC which shows that Brian is replacing June for her RPM class. So it's Body Combat then RPM then Body Pump and RPM again. Yes, I know it's crazy but what the heck. The last RPM is optional for me. But it's nice doing back to back classes once in a while. So I arrived early and joined Alvin's Body Combat class. I just realized it was a replacement class for some other instructor and it's his last class. Anyway, we had fun and he did some really old tracks. The class finished at 6.30pm sharp and RPM class is 6.50pm. So I walked down to register as I assumed that it's open for registration 20 minutes before class. Heck~ It was FULL!!! For REAL? I know it's Brian's class but Monday class too?

Anyway I walked up and checked if there were any unoccupied bike and luckily there was one. But Brian told me it was reserved. Aikss~ I stood outside waiting if the member arrived to take the bike and there were another member who just finished the Step class earlier waiting for it. She was walking up and down and looking at the bike. Brian signaled me to wait 5 more minutes to come in and the girl thought it's alright and just walk in and take that bike. WTF??!! Brian can't do anything as he is teaching half way and the member (who reserved the bike earlier) arrived and sadly her bike had been taken by another lady (the member who didn't registered). Sigh~! Totally lost my mood that night and decided to call it a night and headed back home.

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