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Thursday, December 17

Latest Addiction

I had found out that there is nothing much to do with an iPhone but buying more and more accessories. No wonder there are so many 3rd party companies out there selling their products in the market. To date I had got myself a alarm clock dock and a battery charger for the iPhone. Casing wise, I had 4 to date and one more on the way (pos laju) as we speak. I am still waiting for the reply from the seller of the Ed Hardy casing I posted up before this. If the price is right, I think I would most probably be getting it. Since I kinda like Ed Hardy stuff since back. Babe will always show me the look when she saw me with a new gadget be it  the charger or even a new casing. lolx~ Hopefully she won't notice the new casing I just bought but then again, the striking Orange color of the casing doesn't really blend in with the environment much.

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