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Saturday, December 19

Bodyguards & Assassins (十月圍城)

I wasn't that interested in this movie in the beginning as I thought it was just another Hong Kong movie with lots of big cast to cover for the lack of substance. But since I saw Donnie Yen was in the movie and it's an action movie, I thought I would give it a shot. Not until a friend told me that it was based on a true story about the revolution period of China and how some ordinary people who did some extraordinary thing during that time to protect a political man name, Sun Yet Sen. For those who still remember their world history, you should be familiar with this name. Well I know I do, even if I failed my history test. lolx~! *spoilers*

The film was originally named the Dark October as the incident happened during that period of time. The movie started of with the assassination of Yang Qu Yun (played by Jacky Cheung). This is the first political assassination in the history of China recorded. And this brought darkness in the political era during that time. The story continues with the news of a man named Sun Yat Sen who is coming to the new Hong Kong to have a secret discussion with the other leaders of the provenance in China. The Emperor of China wanted Sun to arrived but never to leave Hong Kong. So Jun Hu who played the Assassin was sent to accomplish the task. Donnie Yen who played the Gambler cop was hired to follow The Revolutionary played by Tony Leung. The latter acquired the help of The Fugitive played by Simon Yam but was all killed by the assassins.

This revolution movement in Hong Kong was financially sponsored by The Tycoon played by Wang Xue Qi. His son was chosen to become the decoy of Sun when the day arrived. The Concubine of Wang played by the ever gorgeous Fan Bing Bing seek help from The Gambler who happened to be her ex-husband to protect his current one. He promised her for the sake of their daughter. And the day arrived finally when Sun arrive and the assassins sent from the Emperor had ambushed and killed a lot of the bodyguards who was protecting Sun. The bodyguards had to stay alive for 1 hour for Sun to have a discussion with the other leaders while the decoy traveling around town being escorted and protected. Leon Lai played The Beggar who was asked to protect Sun by Wang. Damn we all laugh our heads off when we saw him standing at the stairs before the big fight. I didn't know that they had rebonding during that time. lolx!!

So how was the whole story? I didn't noticed that it was even two and a half hours during the whole movie. I know it was long but not that long. As the movie really tried to portray the situation and also the emotions of people during that time. The director tried to show each characters who played a part in this historical moment and at the end gathering together to protect the man to have a new world for their younger generation. The Policeman played by Eric Tsang really shows the part which the British played during that era. They were ordered not to interfered in the issue even though they know it's happening right under their nose. Is it worth the money and time? For me, Yes. But this movie is not for all I guess. If you're looking for action movie this is not all action but also with a good story line backed by strong actors and good scriptwriting. Will I watch it again? Maybe if someone gonna treat me. (Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0)

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