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Wednesday, December 23

Law Abiding Citizen

I saw this trailer some where and I was really looking forward to watching it. So finally I managed to download it last weekend. Not sure if it's already up in the big screen but this is one good movie. The movie starred Gerald Butler and Jamie Foxx. Who doesn't know Gerald Butler by now? Damn this guy can act. I mean I first saw him in 300 which is an action movie, then Gamer another action movie and  the last being a love story beside Katherine Heigl in The Ugly Truth. Jamie Foxx we all know he won an Oscar few years back. So how does this two spectacular actors when put together, one word, Great. *spoilers*

The movie tells the story of a man Clyde Shelton whose family being murdered right in front of his eyes. He is badly injured but survived. Both the robbers were brought to justice but one of the robber, Ames made a deal with the DA and managed to escape the death sentence. Jamie played the Nick Rice the DA who had to inform Clyde that they are letting Ames off the hook. 10 years pass and one of the robber is sentence to the death sentence by deadly injection which supposed to be painless but something happened and he died in extreme pain. Ames is the link but he is too killed in such excruciating pain and horror that all the fingers point back to Clyde. He waited for the cops to catch him and even willing to confess for the murders. But why? This is just a tip of the ice berg as the tiles is starting to fall one by one.

So how's the ending? What happened to Clyde? Is he going to jail and pay for the murders? Murders? Who else is going to die? What is Nick's stand in this? He's a family man and what does he thinks of someone who take justice into their own hand even if it's involve their family. This is an action thriller movie which I totally love and long for for quite some time now. The acting is solid, story line is good and I even like the ending. Highly recommended for people who like action thriller movies. (Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0)

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