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Tuesday, December 22

Healthy e-Cigarette

One of our friend just got back from his trip from Japan and of all the weird stuff which he saw, here's one which I wanted to share with my reader. It's called e-Cigarette. WTFIT? Yeah, same question mark overhere too when I first saw it. It's actually a cigarette which you need to 'charge' in order to smoke it.  Externally there's nothing different bout it other than the retractable two plug socket which you need to plug in. After a full charge, you can take it out and open the box of cigarette. Inside the box, there's the usual filters and as you can see you need to screw in the filter to the but of the cigarette. The end of the screw in part is built in with a heater sort of thingy to burn ignite the filter. So where's the tobacco? Heck, it's called Healthy e-Cigarette, so there's no tobacco in it. But trust me, there's light coming from the end of the cigarette and there's actually smoke coming from your mouth from each exhale. Interesting? You can only find this wacky stuff from Japan.

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bathmate said...

Good posting. I like it. It's pretty much impressive.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

thanks for dropping by. cheers~

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