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Friday, December 11

Storm Warriors

Initial plan was to watch this movie on Thursday night but delays here and there finally made me buying the tickets the next day. That is the last day that I would need to watch it as there would not be a THX hall for the movie after Friday. So let's get back to the movie shall we. The movie brought back the two main character, namely Wind and Cloud starring Eakin Cheng & Aaron Kwok. To be frank if either one of them are not reprising back the character, I won't be going to the cinema to catch the 2nd episode. Just to intro a bit of the movie for those who never heard of it before. It's a famous weekly comic book character from the same name created by Ma Wing Shing. This time around the directors are being helm by the Pang's brothers (Oxide and Danny). So after 11 years from the first episode, what does this story brings us to? *spoilers read on*

The story tells of Lord Godless (Simon Yam) who came with his son, Heart (Nicholas Tse) to conquer China. He managed to captured the Emperor and put under his control. Most of the martial art masters in China had been poisoned by him and being captured including the legendary Nameless (Kenny Ho) and also Cloud (as he wanted to protect Chu Chu). A cool fight in the early stage of the movie shows how Wind & Cloud being beaten by Lord Godless so easily and even after Nameless unleashes his ultimate Thousand Swords moves couldn't kill Lord Godless. I think that is one of the best CG in the whole movie, so make sure don't miss it.

After that, they all escaped and Wind decided to enter the demonic side to enhanced his power with the help of Lord Wicked (Wong Tak Bun). Second Dream (Charlene Choi) is Wind's new love interest. While Cloud improved and created a new sword style with the help of Nameless. As Lord Godless was about to destroy the Dragon's bone, Wind & Cloud arrive and they in short kill him (easily surprisingly) and Wind go psycho when he can't control his inner demon. The movie should end here but they managed to drag another 30 more minutes with Wind fighting with Cloud for the grand finale. My gosh, this is one hell of a long scene to watch. The final blow was spectacular but maybe they over did it on the scene.

Anyway, want to know the ending? Go watch it yourself. Worth my money? Well as I told my friend, I am watching it for two reason. One, for the cool great CG effects and second, just for the sake of watching it. It's like Harry Potter. I don't really wanna watch The Half Blood Prince, but I am watching it since I had watched the first 5 episode and might as well finish it. A good story but sorry to say that Eakin's acting was a bit too himself and nothing surprises me in the movie. Charlene for Second Dream was a bit desperate as I don't think she is suitable considering the age and persona. Will I watch part 3 if there is any? Hell Yes~ I wanna see those cool CG of swords flying anytime. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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