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Friday, January 15

Can I Correct You On That??

I am not sure about the rest of you but I felt very annoyed when I saw some members in the gym doing the wrong technique. I felt like correcting them or at least telling them that what they are doing is not correct or off beat. I think the most annoying class would be Body Pump. As you need correct technique, timing and also the range for a good work out. For example, there is this lady who like to take such a heavy weight standing right in front of the class. But her range during squats is so small. It's like moving her little ass a bit and that's all. So you don't seemed to see any difference in her bottom half or full range. Felt like telling her to lower down her weights and don't follow what other members (who is capable) is carrying just to show a 'point'. Another example is this new member who came in during last night's Body Pump class. His technique is all around the class. I mean the clean and press, dead lift and even biceps. Even Brian tried numerous time to advice him but it was left with a deaf ear. I am not sure if he didn't heard or didn't know. Whichever case, it's not good for him as he looked quite elderly too. Well other then that, we have those super fast clean and press and also single/triple row which follow. Like K-Bear said, you need to follow the timing to get the correct work. No point carrying such weights and not getting the result and in the end hurting oneself.

As for Body Combat, well technique is very subjective as I can't compare each and every one with the instructor. But there are those who still punch and jab in every direction even though they had been doing the class for years. Not to offend anyone, as I don't have the best technique too but just my opinion. So when I saw people like this, I have the tendency to just walk over and tell them that what they are doing is not right and try to correct them, but then again , I am not the instructor. So I just let them enjoy the class as I see they are doing just that. Anyway, all of the above are just my opinion, so don't get offended anyone.I know everyone came to the class to enjoy it and enjoyment is what they should have but doing the wrong technique could hurt your back especially Body Pump class. So just my 2-cents.

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