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Monday, January 18

SmoothBoard for iPhone

As you all know by now, I will update some useful apps for iPhone users from time to time. So this time around, I stumbled upon this app call SmoothBoard. It's from the same developer who brought to you Multifl0w. So what does this application do? To put it short, it will allow you to swipe over multiple springboard in your phone. For those people who fully utilized all of their pages in their springboard and when you are trying to go to the last page on your springboard, it will seemed very tedious or troublesome to swipe so many times. So this is where the application comes in. It allows you two go to several pages at one swipe of your finger. Imagine scrolling your phone book. This is what Alan Ash had to say about the app

"Springboard doesn't 'lock' when scrolling. A big swipe can scroll through multiple pages instead of only one page per swipe. If you stop scrolling Springboard won't "snap" to the nearest page, it will just stay in between pages.There are a few minor bugs. (like springboard snapping to the nearest page when an app is opened) But it does not hinder any functionality, and you can still move icons around just fine."

One more important point, the app is only down loadable from Cydia. In other word, only JB iPhone could install it. Have fun.

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