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Friday, January 29

Chauvinism Is Dead?

I can't remember when is the last time I took the bus. So I decided to take a bus today and wasn't familiar with the cost and when the bus driver told me the amount, I was fiddle around my pockets looking for small change. He was pretty annoyed as I was holding the line but I did stand aside but I heard him mumbling something like I should prepare small change when I board. Hello, I have small change, just that I am not sure how much is the ride. Anyway, the whole bus ride experience really brought back some memories. On the way back, I was prepared and quickly slot in the exact amount and boarded. Yup, I'm a fast learner. lolx~!

On a different account, I was taking the MRT and as usual it was quite pack as it was 8pm. I was listening to my pod sitting down when I saw a middle age women walked in and I offered her my seat quickly. But she said it was alright and asked me to sit down. As she left, she walked over to me and said, Thank You. Oh, that makes my day. Who said chauvinism is dead and  good deed doesn't return in good. People were looking at me and I think this is good to show that we Malaysian also got manners one lar~~~ Duh!!!

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