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Monday, February 1

Another Great Idea

I was out shopping last weekend trying to get some clothes before the CNY. As always everyone was rushing too and there were so many people in every department store. So there was this incident or rather conversation which turn out to be quite funny. Babe was queuing up to test her blouse and we waited so long. The queue wasn't that long actually but damn the people inside were really taking their own sweet time. So there were two guys in front of us complaining that it took ages for women to change and all and we should create something to hasten things up. So I interjected into the conversation and ...

Me: I think they should install some sort like an alarm to ring if the people inside took longer than they should.

Guy: Ya Ya, I agreed. Setting time duration based on the quantity of clothes that they bring in.

Me: Ya, we could also incorporate the alarm with the door to automatically sprung wide open once the alarm gone off. And install a CCTV to broadcast the people inside the room into the LCD TV outside.

Guy: Yeah man, that should make them "kan cheong" a bit when changing inside.

Me: Imagine trying out 2 pairs of skinny cut jeans and you yourself are wearing one. lolx!!!

Guy & Me: (Laugh)

I know it's stupid but you can't say that it's not funny in a sick kind of way. lolx!

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