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Tuesday, January 12

Google's Nexus One - Now Available

Finally it had arrive or arriving in our shore. I am talking about Google's Nexus One hand phone that is. Actually the phone can only be purchase online from a few countries, namely US, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore. So I was browsing my usual forum and saw that a guy started selling this phone in there. You can go to the website here to check the phone out. But if you notice, once you entered the website, you will be prompted with a message on the side, "Sorry, Nexus One phone is not available in your country". Cause as I mentioned earlier, it's only available in those named countries only for now (market testing purposes).

So there is this guy who works in Singapore, that will book the phone for you if you wanted. And the price is RM2,300 (non-negotiable). How bout the warranty you ask. Well it's not bond by Google but you can claimed your limited 1-year warranty with HTC. If you bought it in EU countries, you got 2 years Limited Warranty. I am waiting for anyone who would buy the phone and let me play around with it one day. So let me know anyone of you who bought it and share with us what do you think of the new 'super phone'. You can even engrave your name or whatever on the phone too. Cool~!

PS: Multi touch function only available when you install dolphin (not the real dolphin!!).

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