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Monday, January 11

I Survived RPM 45

I did the new Body Step last week but had some minor chorey confused and luckily Riyo was in the studio doing her warm up and getting some pointers from her. It was so easy when she show it and I was able to get it so fast. But during the class, I am back to my confuse self for the first part again. Sigh~! Teoh was team teaching with Riyo tonight so it was really a fun and energetic class. Continued with RPM class and surprisingly, it wasn't full at all even though it was the new release tonight. So how's the new RPM 45? Disappointing to say the least.

Let's see, the warm up was alright. I mean we can't really demand too much on the warm up. But there are speed work during the warm up which is good. Second track could be the savior of the night. A good 4 sets of speed work before ending with a small climb. And a good sing a long song too by CJ Murray. The first hill climb was alright I guess. Nothing spectacular and the music wasn't to say very powerful comparing to the previous releases. The speed work was normal too. Not too tough but just alright. The second mountain climb was better but the music was a bit on the low side. So can't really bring up the mood although we did scream here and there but still we know it's quite flat. The second speed work and I guess the first is better. The highlight of the night would most probably be the last power track. I think it's because of the music, Burn It To The Ground by Swade. We did the same track during BC40 and it was really powerful. I did enjoyed myself during this track. But the rest wasn't that of a good ride though. Well maybe I am just demanding.

The last class would be Master C's BC class and it was the new release tonight. My second BC 42 release. Well, I am starting to enjoy the release and also the music are far better than the previous release. I think I did mentioned this to a lot of people. He gave a really good instruction on the jigga during Track 6, hence a lot of the members did it correctly and didn't really caused much havoc tonight. So I can conclude that for this Les Mills releases, the winner would be BC. The first runner up would be BP and continued with BS and lastly RPM. I think the world is a very fair place, you win some, you loss some. Cheers~!!!

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