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Tuesday, January 5

I Survived Body Combat 42

Finally I'd officially joined the new release of Body Combat 42 tonight, well unintentionally. This was because no one decided to update the time table at WC this week. Anyway, Master T was flanked by two ladies tonight for the launch. Dub in Muay Tai attire the class started off with a pack studio. First upper body track was really up lifting and introduction of ascending elbow in it. Lower body was something new for me as we need to shuffle to one side and perform a front kick. Track 2 was really nice with powerful song by Scooter. We started off with a block and cross punch. Combined that with a back fist to the face and round house to complete the combo. Track 3, Poison is an intense and fast moving track. We have the new move called Sweep which actually what it applies, which is sweeping the opponent with our leg. But the move is a bit weird when we did the sweep and jab cross afterward. Well for me at least.

Track 4 this time around didn't have two combined track but the intensity is still the same. The chorey is really simple with jab cross and hook and continued with upper and hook. Track 5 featuring Good Charlotte with The Anthem but the track seemed a bit short for me. The fun starts at Track 6 with The Prodigy. We have the new moves or rather modified of the jigga move. We have the rotation jigga move which is really tough if you really go low. There is also the eskiva with squats like moves towards the end. Pain~! Muay Tai is basically full of all the usual moves which turns out to something like a marathon as everyone is saying due to the length of the track. Cascada is back for Track 8 with Miracle. The combo is nice and simple and it does have the effect to bring the class to climax with it. Conditioning isn't that tough as there wasn't much push up but there is a new move in the track. Cool it all down with a nice katta song by Shinedown. So how was it? Better than the previous release is what I can say. Enjoy~

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LP said...

Yeah.. love this release. But sadly, i do not have many chances to do it this time around. :(

Anonymous said...

option 1: Axis
option 2: Weekends
Option 3: Holiday Class
Option 4: Change another career

The options above are base solely on the writers himself without any prejudice to anyone dead/alive.


Eleen said...

Actually, the 'Sweep' is a very good move if we get the technique right. After the 1st release class at our gym in Penang, we stood outside and practiced it for at least 30 mins (making sure that we twist our abs correctly, point our toes up to flex our inner thigh muscles, toe-in when doing the actual 'Sweep', step to side before doing the sweeping, etc)

Fun with a capital F! :)

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Hi Eleen, thanks for dropping some words in here. You r right. Flexing the toes can actually train the inner thigh n all. But some of my friend still getting use of the move.

And I still think the jab cross combo after the sweep seemed a bit weird. Imagine sweeping your opponent and he's falling down. What's the point of jab crossing him, right? Lolx. Well just my 2 cents of course. Cheers!!!

Eleen said...

Good 2-cents, my friend.

How abt this then :
You sweep one opponent down, another one comes at you from right behind him. So you finish off the other opponent with a jab cross.

Makes sense then? ;)

BaBy OcTopUs said...

OK, then it's alright. But I rather have a right sweep then follow up with a right upper cut. get it?

*imagine* Jet Li in The One
You sweep and the guy fall down (half way with the face tilting to the right because of the force to the left) and you quickly upper cut his face. Damn cun~! if we are FAST enough that is. haha! another 2 cents~

Eleen said...

Yes yes! I like your analogy better. *lol* Upper cut right after sweep will be so much more impactful. Keke...

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