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Monday, January 4

The One That Got Away

OK, maybe the title didn't really sound 100% correct but this house above might probably be I'll be staying next year if I didn't canceled if off early last year. The location is some where in Puchong. Actually I had already placed a deposit for the early bird and I would secure the house for RM280K. I heard that during their official launch, the price goes to RM310K. The reason why I canceled off the deal was because the developer took too long to show us (buyers) the brochure or design of the exact house. No show house are built till late last year. The size of the house is around the same or smaller than the one I just bought but there are pros and cons between this two. If you are OK with the location (Puchong) then this would be a good estate to purchase. The house is a 2-1/2 story. Actually the master bedroom is built on a fake half a floor on top of the second, so it looked more nicer and modern. Some of the features in the house are quite attractive especially the toilet in the master bedroom. Might copy some of it and do it in my house next time.

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