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Wednesday, January 27

A Little Less Conversation

I remembered that I read some where about the Starbuck syndrome. Initially the idea of people gathering in a coffee house and talking with each other while updating each other with their life and work had now turn into a little less conversation. People would just go in and open up their notebook or book and go into their own world. Well that is old news as now we have the iPhone syndrome. This is because, wherever we (iPhone user) go, we tend to be busy with our phone. be it Facebook-ing or MSN-ing to playing games, reading mails and so on. I hate to admit it but to be honest it's the truth. As most of the apps in the iPhone are equipped with PUSH notification, so we won't stop texting or replying each other conversation the whole night. Lately when my gym mates went for supper, most of us would just take out our phones and doing our own stuff. There are occasion chit chat like, "Why the line so slow tonight?", "Wah, you update your FB status so fast ar?" or "What's the password for the WiFi over here?". Damn this is so funny but true~

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