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Tuesday, January 26

Did I Heard A Crack?

I was just talking bout reducing my classes and all as I am worried that it would hurt my body and it really did, my back actually. It all happened last night during my 2nd class of the night. Didn't went to TC and decided to go for WC classes. RPM was alright, didn't felt much but it was during BP that the pain kicks in.Well actually there were indication that my back was giving me some issue few weeks back. But it was really minor stuff. Didn't really bother much of it but I tried to give my back less stress along the way. So I was doing Chest track when we have a break in the middle and I think I was coming up a bit too fast and pull my muscle at the back. Fark~! Pain~!!! Couldn't move for a while. But continued to finish off the track and couldn't really get myself up from the board for those who saw me would know. Lowered down the bars to my chest and slowly roll it down to the floor. Standing up was painful at that time. Decided to stop the class and went out to do some stretching to lessen the pain on my back. It was better after a while but the pain still kicks in once in a while. Some advice from a friend to skip the classes tonight. Well most probably will skip the first two classes as I think BS and BP give me the most stress to the back. Will consider BC if I can make it. Sigh~! Sign of old age~ NOOOT!!! lolx!!!

1 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

no ice bag hor.....maybe u need tik tar......hehe

take good care....

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