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Wednesday, February 3

Back To Usual

It's been a week since I pulled my muscle and I did my first class on Monday. Everything went well for all the classes. I did Body Pump, Body Step and RPM since this two days. Everything went smoothly without any hiccups in between (thank god). Was even carrying my usual weights during Body Pump. But I am still a bit careful while lifting and putting down the bars. Even did sufficient stretching in between tracks. But if my schedule is correct, I will be doing 4 classes of Body Pump this week not inclusive of other classes. Asked my doctor bout this as I heard some members mentioning about resting our body for at least 24 hours after each Body Pump class to recover. But the doctor told me it's all depending on individual body. So what the heck, I just do la. Anything happen to me, I know who to look for. Choi Choi Choi!!!! lolx~!

3 Octopus:

Doctor from USJ said...

Doctor said depending to individual body, maybe not for you? Doctor does not hold the responsibilty alright?

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Will definitely hold doctor from usj liable if anything goes wrong. Lolx

Aleximon said...

save money to find usj road side doctor......:(

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