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Tuesday, February 2

iTunes 9.0.3

The new iTunes 9.0.3 was just released a day ago and let's see what the new update had in store for us. From the key notes release, there were some important improvement but comparing to the iTunes 9.0 being released last September it's still a long way to go. According to the new key notes, the new iTunes update fixes on some bugs related issues like

• iTunes no longer ignores your "Remember password for purchases" setting.
• Addresses problems with syncing some Smart Playlists and Podcasts with iPod.
• Resolves a problem recognizing when iPod is connected.
• Addresses issues that affect stability and performance.

The new iTunes 9.0.3 is available using your Apple Software update and the size of the file is approximately 98.03MB. Or you can download directly from this link. Enjoy~!

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