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Sunday, February 21

Updates Updates Updates

Sorry for the long disappearing act I pulled since the long holiday. First thing first, I wanna wish all my Chinese readers, A Prosperous Chinese New Year filled with Wealth and long Health to you and your families and friends. OK, got that settled, now for updates. My last post was before the long holiday and I was all sick with the lost of appetite during that time. Checked by the doctors at GH on my blood sample indicated that my platelet was too low (<40) and was supposed to be admitted as it was too dangerous (anything below 60). Oh, I was diagnosed for Denggi actually. I was shocked as it was Friday and 2 days before CNY. So I just took their advice to drink more liquid as my blood was too thick at that time. Yup, I didn't admit myself into the hospital and continued with my long journey back home town. Since I am still here right now, well, seemed like everything went well. I can say that my appetite had recovered 80% but not fully. For those who saw me during CNY, I looked really pale and skinny as I didn't ate anything for the whole week. 

CNY for me this year wasn't anything fancy. Just meet a few friends up and had lunch with them. Other than that, I was home with the families and resting. Appetite is picking back up and I started eating some food slowly. Back to the big city on the 3rd day of CNY and visited my babe's families. And the rest of the week was filled with shopping and outing with friends and my babe. Other than that, it was just home resting and watching a whole lot of movies. Managed to catch two movies during the week. Gonna catch another one tonight with babe celebrating my B'day tonight. Anything special? Nothing much, just a movie and dinner with babe. Trust me, I like simplicity in life. Don't get me wrong, I do like going crazy and all once in a while to spice up my life. As I mentioned to my relative earlier of the week, this weekend gonna be really fast and before we know it, it's Sunday and we be all going back to work again. And here am I lying on my bed waiting for Monday to come. But it's nice catching up with the relatives and friends back home and plenty of rest in between. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday as I did. Cheers~!

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