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Thursday, April 1

I Survived Body Pump 73, RPM 45 & Body Combat 46

It was really a rush for me tonight as I was planning do joined Body Attack launch but was stuck in the jam on the way over. Anyway, I arrived early to joined Body Pump released. The class was launched by Sue P and Ben Sim. Was told that it wasn't that tough and it's really true. There's a lot of singles in this track. There are 4 sets of singles and 12 bottom halves two sets towards the end if I am not mistaken. I can take more singles compared to bottom halves, so this track isn't that tough for me. I got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a 'tough' night. Chest was quite tough but only towards the end when we did the bottom half. Back track wasn't that tough although there's 4 sets of clean & press (3 sets) with break in between. 3 sets of wide rows after some singles but it's alright. 

Triceps was really over rated. Not much of triceps extension and when you are getting loaded with it, we go for bottom half which is unloading for me and finished with standing over head press. I thought Biceps was gonna be tough as Linkin Park is back. Maybe we did some really tough tracks before the launch which prepares us for this launch. Not too hard but just enough. Now Lunges was supposed to be one of the toughest track but again it's overrated for me and another gym mate. Shoulder tracks is not that hard, as we started off with push up and going to partial raises and ending with overhead raise by the bar.

Luckily someone managed to get me a bike and so I continued with RPM with Lilian and June launching. Not going into details of all the tracks but I can say that it's a good release with lots of good music. The first mountain track (3) was like track 5 already. The speed work is alright with 3 sets of long speed work and aero races. As usual, need to get into music and once I got hold of the chorey, I would enjoy the release more. At least we have 3 more weeks to get use of it.

Finally it's the highlight of the night's launch which is Body Combat with Master T and June launching. Started off with a nice release. Class wasn't that tough but most of the members as usual stick at the back of the class. So it was a bit cramped. Track 3 was really nice with a nice combo building up and finishing up with a complete set. Tons of speed ball. Your arms will go crazy in this track. Track 4 has a new move called the Shoot which comes from MMA. It's a really tiring track as we need to lay low (in lunges like position) and 'shoot' to the front and grab the opponents leg and do a take down move. Add two back knee and a front kick. One word, tiring.Track 5 isn't that long but a lot of running here and there. 

Track 6 like they said is so darn dramatic. If you knew the OST, you should know it's from Pirates of Caribbean. We have a combo moves and a sword swing in the beginning before going into a back kick frenzy. Track 7 was just so so as it doesn't felt that much of Muay Tai. Jab and acceding elbow twice and four knees to the side. Nothing special. Track 8 is the last track so I gave everything I got. A long series of jabs and crosses with upper cuts and hooks and combining it all at the end. A long marathon of jab cross towards the end (138 to be exact). We have a new move called the tripod push up for the conditioning. Quite tiring considering I did so much classes beforehand. But I survived it towards the end. Enjoyed the classes with my friends, that is the best.

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