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Wednesday, March 31

Digi's iPhone 3GS Is Finally OUT!

So finally the day is here. Digi finally announced the packages available for their iPhone 3G/3GS. I think a lot of people are quite eager waiting for the announcement. As everyone is waiting what is their promotion and how good it is compared to the current offered by Maxis. So here goes:

Here's Digi Plan and below is the one from Maxis which I upload for you to compare for yourself. 

And since they know Digi is coming out with iPhone, they have this RM200 'subsidy' for all. Haha!!!

This is for their iPhone 3GS - 32GB

And iPhone 3GS - 16GB

So is it as good as it seemed. Well it all depends on your preference. I mean if you are a new user, you might go with Digi as their plan is slightly cheaper compared to Maxis but not too much. The main highlight would be the massive data internet usage everyone that you can get. But do we need that much of data? I mean, I am using 500MB per month and I don't even used half of it sometimes. Well, unless you wanted to use your iPhone as a modem and go online with your laptop that is. So it's all on your need. But at least you have another choice now rather than sticking to the same old Maxis.

3 Octopus:

TTB said...

so digi rm88/ mth should be good enough lah. S or no S? :)

But digi is 24 months contract whereas maxis has shorter term...

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Yup~! seemed like the rm88 is sufficient if you are not a heavy user. 2 years? I thought they only bond you for less than 1 year?? Let me check again.

TTB said...

it says on the terms "all options above are tired to a 24 month contract"... hmm...

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