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Wednesday, April 14

I Am Too Old For This

Sorry for not able to update my blog this week as you all know I am away on a "business" trip or rather training to New Dehli (it's in India for those who doesn't know). : P Anyway, let me how is my "trip" till date. First day (Monday) was already going into full throttle over here. Class from 8.30am break for tea then study again and lunch then break but due and was given some homework after that. Had dinner and all went straight to their own study group and started studying till 1am for me. OMG~! This is just Day 1. Early morning woke up and revised again before the test and also Viva which all of us are worried about. I was so tensed while waiting for my turn. Finally it's my turn and surprisingly it went quite well. Everything got delayed due to this Viva and we ended up studying in class till 8pm and dinner straight away as we need to rush for study group and also doing our home work given that day. Stayed up till 2am (I still can't believe it) and woke up at 7am to revised again today. OMFG!! I am so not made for this ANYMORE. I am way pass my age to be doing this stuff again. 

I was having a break with my colleague and I noticed that we're like living in a jail with high walls and given time to walk to the compound to have a breather before going back in for 'mind torture'. I think we are all pushed too much that we can't digest what we learn. But the lecturers said that previous batch stayed up till 3.30am and woke up at 7am to study and the didn't complaint. So in other word, he said we are slacking and too relax. WTF??!!! He said we didn't take the whole training and exam seriously and asked that the previous paper exam be taken out and only considered the Viva. He let us off early today on request for self study and he's gonna grill us all during Viva if we didn't perform. OMFG!! Why so serious? I thought it's just a training? I am so regretful that I had agreed on this training now. Si beh stress and PIK CHIK already!!!!

3 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

Oh wow.. Sound stressful.. What are the training all about?Do you need to pass an exam? I bet you would learn a new language while you come home in a week time :)

Chill, dude. :)

BaBy OcTopUs said...

training to brush up on our technical know how. sigh~! so-called need to pass or else need to retake after 3 months or so. aiya~ si beh ma fan one la~~~

Anonymous said...


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