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Sunday, April 11

12 Hours Journey To India

I was told by my colleague that there's problem with my flight ticket on Friday. The blardy travel agent forgot to purchased the tickets for me and my colleague. As the person in charge was on leave, the other colleague didn't purchased the tickets for us even though we already confirmed the itinerary with them. Our travel date was actually this evening around 6.20pm and arrived New Dehli just in time for dinner. It's a 5 and a half hour flight. So at the end, we ended up taking Jet Star which requires me to wake up 5 in the morning and travel all the way to the airport. That is not the best part. The best part is that, we need to have a transit at Chennai before Delhi. 

We arrived Chennai around noon time (which is a 4 hours flight) and required to wait for 3 hours for the transit and was told that the plane was delayed and another one hour of waiting. Finally the plane arrived and we boarded the plane (finally!!). Took us another 2 and a half hour to reached Delhi but was told to do a fly over for 20minutes as the traffic was high. My eye balls really felt like wanting to burst out that time. Sigh!!! Finally we landed and as I was collecting my check-in luggage, found out that during the transfer, the roller was broken. Fark~! Got a taxi and shown him the address of our accommodation. Damn, I realized that motorist over here really fully utilized their honk. They will simply honk every where they go. Weird.

Finally managed to find our hotel after some long search and asking locals around. Didn't why they separated me and my colleague into two separate rooms. But we decided to just fark them and move in together. Dinner was at 8pm local time or 11.30pm (Malaysian time), YES, dinner time. All vegetarian food but I like it as I like Indian cuisine. Luckily they have free WiFi for the whole hotel and now I can blog bout this blardy trip which took me 12 hours or more to arrived. All because the travel agent fark up my itinerary. Too tired to write anymore. Need to sleep early, it's local time 10.30pm but it's midnight in Malaysia. Body still going with Malaysia time zone I guess.

2 Octopus:

Your back up travel consultant said...

Be safe, careful with the water. :) and.... Enjoy India!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

i am so regretful of coming over now .. why dun u stop me when i called u that morning!!!!

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