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Wednesday, April 7

I Survived Body Step 79 (Finally!)

Finally I managed to wrapped up all my usual GX new release tonight. And it was a great class too as Prudent was team teaching with Brian. Starting off with a strong warm up with the music Boom Boom Pow. Second track was alright but I like track 3, La Copa de la Vida. Although it's an old song but it's so energetic. We have a new combo of across the board twice then over and walk around it. Even the first track was making sweat this. Continued with track 3 with a lot of running on the board which is quite tiring. Blood on the dance floor for track 5 with moonwalk back in the class. You can also strike a pose during part of the track. How cool is that.

For track 6, I just remembered a lot of squat jumps and nut cracker. Power!! I don't really like Track 7 although it's a song by Flo-Rida, Jump. A bit low impact for me. As we jump on the board and that's all. Not much power for me. But maybe that's just me. Track 8 is a Latino style but it was just alright for me. Didn't do the speed track so we go right down to the last power track and power it is all about. Michael is back in the house with Smooth Criminal in the beginning continued with Sexy! No No. Trust me when I say it's a tiring one. As it's a long super speed step on the board. And I think we have like 2 sets of 16 of that and continued with over the board and all the way home. Crazy~!!! Love this release.

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