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Friday, April 9

Who Should I Complain To?

I had this problem at my house for few months already. No, it's not domestic but rather with the security guards. I am currently living in an apartment and had managed to secured a spot of parking nearby my unit. So what's the problem? Well, other cars started to park at my spot when I came back from gym each night. I am alright for the first few times as they mentioned that I need to write my number on the spot. Fair, I wrote my number down so large in front of the lot. But still there are cars parked on it. They placed a cubicle in front of the lot and that helps a few days but once when I am back, I saw the same car moved the cubicle and park on it. I had complaint so many times to the guard and asked them to clamped it but they said it's not their issue and asked me to go to the management office. WTF??!!! 

So I went over and complaint and they asked the security head and he too assured me that this would not happen again and even gave me his contact. But to no avail, cars still kept on parking on my spot. It was getting better last week but then cars started to parked at my spot again this week. And when I parked my car on the visitor lot, the guard questioned me. WTF???!!! Is this happening?!!! I gave the guard a piece of my mind and he too asked me to go complain to the management office. Another round of chicken and egg story. Fcuk!!!  So why do I still pay RM50 for the car park each month?

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