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Sunday, April 25

初恋红豆冰 - Ice Kacang Puppy Love

I heard news in the radio that this local movie is so good that it was extended of it's show in the cinema. So this weekend, I had decided to watched it with babe. I had some good expectation before entering the cinema and everything was perfect. The movie is directed by our own local artist turn director, Ah Niu. He had put together all his friends who mostly famous local artists and created a very Malaysian movie. The movie took place some where in Ipoh, I think. Didn't really catch where it was intentionally film. It's around 80s I suspect. It tells the story of a boy, Botak (Ah Niu) who had this crush on a girl named Fighting Fish (Lee Shin Jia). Typical boy fall in love with girl but not brave enough to spill the words. 

It also tells the story of Fighting Fish's mother who left her husband and raised her daughter up alone and the struggle that she goes through. Other artist involved in the movie are namely, Fish Leung, Gary Chow, Michael Wong with special appearance by Nicholas Teo and Penny Tai during the end of the movie. Lots of love confusion along the way. I remembered a particular funny part of the movie where Botak's sister almost got hit by an Indian on his motorcycle. She said, "saya ini macam BESAR, you pun tak NAMPAK ka?" (or something like), which the whole cinema broke into laughter. We can see some really Malaysian culture in the movie and the director really good in portraying all that. Lee Hsin Jia needless to say had a polished and perfect acting throughout the movie. This is not the best movie I had watched but for a local made movie, it's good enough for me. (Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0)

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