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Friday, April 23

DSA 2010 @ PWTC

It was the last day of the Defense Services Asia Exhibition and Conference (DSA) which was held between 19-22 April. It is a two year once exhibition which showcase military 'hardware'. When I say hardware, I am talking about pistols, riffles, tanks, heli copter, submarines and even guided missiles and more. It's now top 5 of the world defense exhibition where manufacturer's and visitors from around the world come together show casing their product range.

The exhibition is of course visited by our PM, who is the Defense Minister last time. Is he still the Minister for the Defense now? The exhibition is organized by the Minister of Defense (MINDEF). 

Here are some of the pictures of me posing with the pump action shot gun. 

This is me with a MP5SD sub machine gun. For those Counter Strike & Rainbow Six kaki, eat your heart out. hahaha!!!You know who you are.

This is another MP5 which is the standard unit without any extension I believe. Small and lethal. 

This is an assault riffle and damn it's heavy. 

Who say size doesn't matter? haha! 

Yes, tanks are also showcase in the exhibition. It's the last day and they let all the exhibitors went in and fool around. Oh, I mean take pictures. 

A South African company brought the FIFA World Cup 2010 mascot over for some picture session and even gave me the 'CUP' to hold for a while. Yes, it's heavy.

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