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Sunday, April 18

Leaked Photos?

I had been following up 'closely' on the updates of the summit this coming June 22 by Apple and stumbled upon some interesting news. Some how, someone had managed to 'found' this piece of 'claimed' iPhone 4G some where in a pub. It was placed inside an iPhone 3G box and someone just managed to discovered it laying there. Well it could happen to any of us. It's not the first time that we heard someone we know lost their phones in a pub or any location you might think of. So here's how the phone looked like.

As you can see all the features are there. But it lacks the rounded body at the back and the cool side chrome body seemed very attractive too. There is a front When the fella who 'claimed' found the phone turn it on, it was booting on a different OS. The guy also claimed that the capacity is a staggering 80GB. This is a bit over board for me. This is a bit strange when I heard about it. But there are words that said, it might be a prototype or a test unit which someone from inside 'accidentally' lost during their 'happy hour' in the pub. But anyhow, it's all rumors and nothing is concrete until Steve Jobs announces it. Or all of this just a publicity stunt by themselves to hype up the whole scene for their summit. 

 The Top view of the phone which you notice the 3.5mm jack and also the SLEEP/WAKE button. 

The side profile of the phone which shows the volume control and also the SILENT toggle. 

This is the back part which shows the FCC ID & IC ID but in this case it's mark XXXX and so is the capacity of the unit with is XX GB.

3 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

saw these photo in FB too....

the shape a bit normal...

Anonymous said...

that is soooooooo ugly.

Anonymous said...

Since when Apple become so "square"???! And the side buttons?! Look so Sony Ericson !! Great.. I think that save my money!

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