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Sunday, May 2

Ip Man 2

Ip Man or most people called it I.P Man has a lot of good reviews and response from my friends. Some told me they cried during a part of the movie, while some cursed in the movie when the gwai lo talked ill of us Asian. This must be really good. I can still remember the scenes from the first installment as I watched it few weeks before this. Well, just to refresh the memory and the fight between him and the ten Japanese is so memorable. The second movie continued where it left off when Ip Man and his family escaped the Japanese armies and resided at Hong Kong with the help of his friends. Life is difficult as it's not easy to open a martial art school during that era.

The martial art world, has their own set of rules which is being headed by Master Hung played by Sammo Hung who is also the martial art director of the movie. But no matter how good you are, you are still governed by the corrupted police head at that time. During a competition, Sammo Hung is being killed by a English boxer name Twister. The Twister then later insult all Chinese martial artist and this infuriate Ip Man who later decided to go mano e mano with him in the ring. No surprises on who wins, but it's truly a dramatic and full of great martial art. I don't think there is a third installment of the movie, so better get your ass to the cinema and watch it for yourself. And the last part where Bruce Lee came to look for Ip Man was so funny. Remember to watch that and tell me that's not funny. OK, I watched two movies in one day. So sue me.

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