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Sunday, May 2

Iron Man 2

I had mix opinion about this movie. I am so looking forward to watching the sequel of the movie. But I am always going into the cinema with an open heart and mind. I can't always take whatever people said about a movie without watching it myself. And this is an example of what I meant. I truly enjoyed the movie and I don't even felt that it's over or close to 2 hours while watching it. Everyone is still the same with except for Lt. Col. James 'Rhodey' Rhodes as it's being played by Don Cheadle. So whose the new villain? He is called Ivan Vanko who is played by Mickey Rourke.

Story takes place after the first movie after Tony Starks announced to the world that he's really Iron Man. Government thinks that the Iron Man suit is a threat to nation and asked Starks to gave it up to the army. But of course the latter declined and assured  that no one in the world will come close of developing a suit similar to his or at least not in 20 years time. Then Ivan Vanko appeared and created a similar suit of his own and managed to harm Iron Man sort of speak. Starks's competitor Justin Hammer saw this potential in Ivan and managed to rescue him from the prison to work for him. But in this case, who is using who is still unsure. 

At the end, Iron man saves the day, again. Duh~! Together with his buddy, Rhodey who is wearing the iron man suit code name War Machine. As the name goes, the suit specialize in heavy weaponry. The movie also tells how Tony managed to create a new element to replace the toxic Paladium in his body. Overall, it's a really entertaining movie as Tony or Robert Downey Jr. is so humorous and when action sake, there's plenty of that too. Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson has more scenes in this installment with Natasha Romanoff as the special agent from SHIELD. As usual, please stay back at the end of the movie for a sneak preview of the up-coming movie from Marvel. If you don't get what the hell happens at the end of the movie, let me know. haha~!!! One word, Thor.

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