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Monday, May 24

What Do I Think

It has been a week since the new opening of Fitness First Empire. Words hasn't been too friendly to the new gym but I think it will change slowly as time goes by. For me, it wasn't what I hope but heck, it's a fact that it's what we are having and we might as well make the best of it. OK, I agreed it's not the best of gym but it's also not the worst. I am sure there are a lot of hiccups in terms of service or facilities and even the environment which all the veterans members need to get use to. Let just gave it another 2 months when all the crowds had cleared and the gym wouldn't be that pack anymore. For me, the main issue would be over crowded of members from other outlets coming to try out the new one. Who can blame them, it's human nature. For example, last Friday night wasn't as pack as any other week days, and the place suddenly felt so warm and comfy like the old one. 

I did complaint bout the size of the locker room which is smaller than the one at WC but then again, since I am going over early, I can get the one which I like. Problem solved. lolx!!! Anyway, we all just need to wait for the swimming pool to be officially open tomorrow night with accordance with the launch of the new gym. There's a lot which we can complaint, but we might as well live with what we have right now and make the best of it rather than complaining for something which I don't think will make any changes. My 2 cents of course.

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