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Tuesday, May 25

New Launch of FF Empire

Finally FF Empire is officially opened this evening. The guest of honor is our Minister of Sport and Youth. As usual, media was invited and some local celebrities (not that other gym) even make some time to drop by. There were some confusion on the time table for the main studio as both BA & BC classes are canceled off last minute as they are making way for the press conference in the main studio. But since the press conference ended earlier than expected, both the classes are reinstated at the very last minute (again). I had signed up for RPM class but at the end decided to join BC as Master T made it for the class together with June. It was a half an hour class so we only did some tracks from the whole release. Second class would be BS by Steven & Jacky. Damn the class was packed and high. I think all of us really had fun during the class. Finally it was BP by K-Bear & Sue P. The theme for the night was supposed to be beach wear in accordance with the new pool and no other instructors don the attire except for Sue and K-Bear. You Go Girl~~~ Requested some tracks, so need to go the extra miles for the class. Although it's just upper body work out but we really rock the class till the very end. How's the pool? Seemed very hot since it's open air. Someone swam in the pool before I left and some member told me that someone was even smoking at the pool? Possible?

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