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Thursday, May 6

You're Looking For WHAT?

And I thought I heard every single funny stuff one could hear in an elevator, God, I was wrong. I was getting into the elevator this evening and along the way down, the door open and I saw two men talking. I am sure that one of the man is from China from his look and heavy ascent. The other is a hotel staff who is a Malay. They are conversing in MANDARIN!! No that is not the funny part since it's normal that other races in Malaysia could speak other language. I figured that the China man was looking for something but this staff couldn't seemed to get what he wanted. Maybe that word is too 'deep'?. The China man uncle turned and look at me and said 

Note: Whole conversation is in Mandarin
China Man: Do you understand Mandarin?
Me: Yes (DUH!!!)
China Man: Can you explain to him that I am looking for 避孕套? (YES, I practically google that word for you)
Me: (WTF??) Dia nak cari Condom.
Staff: OH! Kat Lobby ada kedai yang jual. 
China Man: Aiya~ Hotel should placed one or two 避孕套 in the drawer ma, you see now so fussy need to go down and buy.
Me: (WTF??!!) Oh Yes, they should.
China Man: Thank you 

The China man quickly walk over to one of the store and get his 避孕套 and rush back to his room (I assumed) for some 'excitement' (I am sure of).

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