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Monday, May 10

Jailbreaking iPhone/iPod For Dummies Using Spirit

 Since I have some friends who asked me how to JB their iDevice using the new Spirit's software, I had decided to share some of my know-how. Well, since I did mine last weekend and it was so easy, I guess anyone could do it by themselves. So here goes, as always, some notes before we go on further. JB your iDevice might void your warranty so do proceed with caution and please please BACKUP or SYNC to iTunes before you do anything. So once you had done all that, please read the following steps. 
Download Comex's Spirit JB software HERE.   

 If you are a Windows 7 user and encounter compatibility problem, please go to Property and under Compatibility, change the mode to Windows 99/Windows ME.  

 Launch the Spirit software. 

 You will be ask to connect your iDevice and Press JAILBREAK 

 Now the software to start JB your phone and after completing, it will prompt you to QUIT.

 Press QUIT and your iDevice will reboot and a status bar will appear to show the status (DUH!). 

 After completion, your iDevice will be consider JB and you will find the Cydia icon in your Springboard. 

If you have any Wi-Fi or Network Connectivity problem, you can try to RESET the network setting. As usual, after JB your phone, you can always install other apps in it like Winterboard, Activator, Backgrounder and lots more for changing the outlook and features of your phone. But that is too much for me to explain in here. So play smart and don't do anything stupid if you are not sure. Enjoy~!

PS: The author do not take any responsibility to any damage to the user's iDevice after reading the above post. Pictures are courtesy from iPhonehacks.

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